I previously worked in the import fashion business, but amid the frenzy of contemporary consumer society, I had a longstanding desire to produce things that would find a place in people’s hearts and stand the test of time. With this goal, I attended vocational school to learn jewelry design and creation, and while working at a jewelry design business, I encountered raden and urushi. The beauty of raden thrilled me the first time I saw it employed in a traditional craft piece.

When I learned that the mysteriously radiant fragments set in the deep glossy black of urushi were lovingly polished bits of seashell, it made raden all the more enticing. Strongly driven to create jewelry using raden and urushi, I began receiving training at the studio of a traditional artisan, learned the basic techniques of urushi and raden craftsmanship, and began using these materials to create my own original jewelry. Through this jewelry, I hope to convey the beauty of urushi and raden to as many people as possible. My goal is for this jewelry to enrich the daily lives of those who wear it and to become treasured heirlooms that transcend the ravages of time.


Creator profile: Keiko Ito(Japan Jewellery Designers Association Member)


Graduated from the Department of Law, School of Law, Senshu University


Worked in the apparel and publishing industries(until2000)


Enrolled in the Career College course at Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry


Worked at a jewelry design business (until 2010)
Encountered works of traditional craftsmanship employing raden and urushi


Raden and urushi jewelry won a prize in the Craft category at the Japan Jewellery Association (JJA) Jewellery Design Awards


Business registration of “raden and urushi jewelry”     Launched line of raden and urushi wedding rings in collaboration with a jewelry manufacturer


Moved an atelier and office to Yushima,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo