What is raden?

Raden is a traditional Japanese decorative craft. It is art of inlaying mother-of-pearl shell pieces in wooden surfaces. The pieces reflect light and shine beautiful in white, blue, and other colors.

About the raden employed in this jewelry and the process of producing

Main materials are marbled turban , abalone, and pearl oyster shells.They are abraded to 0.09mm-0.2mm thin.

Marbled turban

abalone(New Zealand)


The production process is a labor of love, with delicate handcraft techniques repeated many times. The base metal is abraded and an undercoat of urushi is applied, then heat-seared onto the metal. The seashells are ground to a consistent thickness and cut into tiny fragments before being affixed to the surface. After this, multiple layers of black urushi are applied in a cycle of “apply---allow to dry---polish” that brings out the luminosity of the seashell and urushi.

Mother-of-pearl shells


Cutting strips

Arranging shell pieces

Applying black Urushi

Removing black Urushi

About Urushi

Urushi is a beautiful and lustrous natural lacquer, highly prized for its durability and chemical resistance. The word is thought to derive from the Japanese “uruwashi” meaning “beautiful,” or “uruosu,” meaning to “moisten or wet.” The urushi used in this jewelry, exclusively produced in Japan, is highly refined and takes on an ever more enchanting depth and beauty with each passing year.